AI delivers
smarter decisions

Upstart offers a complete range of AI solutions for optimizing consumer lending. With smarter decisions, you can say yes to more borrowers and improve your portfolio performance.


Expand your reach

Use Upstart’s risk-based pricing model to identify credit-worthiness within your risk appetite.

Improve lending economics

Add performance improvements such as higher approvals and decreased loss rates.

Create happier customers

70% of approvals happen automatically, most customers receive next-day funding, and our partner banks can see Net Promoter Scores (NPS) scores far higher than published benchmarks for the largest banks.1

A complete fintech partner

Upstart offers a complete set of solutions, enabling the power of AI for lenders at every stage.
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Simple start
Start quickly on a smaller scale— test, validate, and expand without overburdening your internal resources
Seamless experience

Offer a top-tier customer experience right on your website with approvals in minutes

Bright Idea
Smarter decisions

Proven underwriting and verification models price risk smarter, reduce fraud, and deliver results

Partners using Upstart

BM Green

AI leads to dramatically better performance

Upstart Model vs. Traditional Bank Models


Fewer defaults
at same approval rate


More approvals
at same loss rate


Fewer defaults
at same approval rate


More approvals
at same loss rate
In an internal study, Upstart replicated three bank models using their respective underwriting policies and evaluated their hypothetical loss rates and approval rates using Upstart’s funded borrower base as of December 31, 2017. Such results are the average of the differences between Upstart’s AI models and each of the three bank models.
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We chose to partner with Upstart because their approach to modernizing lending is well aligned with FNBO’s focus on a customer-centric experience. Upstart’s AI/ML-based pricing engine and automation will allow us to profitably serve a broader set of customers, within a great digital onboarding experience, than we could before.

Marc Butterfield
SVP of Enterprise Digital Solutions and Emerging Business,
First National Bank of Omaha
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The best part of working with Upstart has been the ability to put the consumer on a better financial path to meet their goals, extinguish debt, and save for a home.

J.R. Buckner
CEO, First Federal Bank of Kansas City
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Upstart’s digital experience is seamless and feedback from our customers is exceptional, with NPS of more than 80. We’re excited to bring such a high quality product to our customers

Rita L. Carroll
EVP of Consumer Lending Regional Banks, TCF Bank

Upstart has worked with regulators since inception

Upstart proactively works with regulators to ensure it operates safely within the law. Upstart also works side-by-side with customers should a regulator request additional information.

First CFPB No-Action Letter

Upstart became the first company to receive a No Action Letter from the CFPB in 2017. In 2019, as reported by the CFPB based on analysis by Upstart, Upstart’s AI model approves 27% more borrowers than traditional lending models with 16% lower average APRs for approved loans.2

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1 Fully automated loans are defined as loans originated end-to-end (from initial application to final funding) with no human involvement. Upstart uses a third-party service to administer surveys to loan applicants immediately following an applicant’s acceptance of a loan on Upstart’s platform.
2 Consumer Financial Protection Bureau Blog: An Update from CFPB on credit access and the Bureau’s first No Action Letter, August 2019.