All-digital lending enabled by AI

Grow households and expand consumer lending safely with more accurate credit decisioning

Realize dramatically better performance

fewer defaults
at same approval rate1
more risk separation
than FICO2
vs. less than 30 NPS at top-tier banks3

How you benefit

Grow households

Grow households

  • Acquire new households with attractive borrower attributes
  • Cultivate new household relationships for long-term value

Expand consumer lending

Expand consumer lending

  • Grow your consumer loan portfolio profitably
  • Diversify into personal and auto lending
  • Earn a high yield with predictable risk

Lend to more creditworthy borrowers safely

Lend to more creditworthy borrowers safely

  • Price and predict risk accurately
  • Increase approvals within your risk tolerance
  • Maintain full control of your credit policy

Deliver a modern, all-digital experience

Deliver a modern, all-digital experience

  • Enable consumers to borrow anywhere, any time
  • Originate loans in minutes vs. days
  • Automate approvals with minimal fraud rates

See how Upstart can help your:

Upstart solutions

Female bank lending manager working on computer with customer

Upstart for personal lending

Grow consumer lending with two unique personal lending solutions. With the Upstart Referral Network, loans from applicants that meet your credit criteria are referred to you via, while our Lender-Branded Platform can be deployed on your financial institution’s website.

Upstart Referral Network Lender-Branded Platform

Auto dealer working with client on tablet

Upstart for auto retail lending

Expand your auto portfolio profitably with Upstart Auto Retail Lending which gives your institution direct and easy access to auto loans originated at Upstart-powered dealerships without the cost or complexity of acquiring and managing new dealership relationships.

Auto Retail Lending

Upstart for auto refinancing

Accelerate loan growth with Upstart’s turnkey auto refinance solutions. With the Upstart Referral Network, auto refinance loans that meet your credit criteria are referred to your institution from Our Lender-Branded Platform can power your website to offer a digital auto refinance experience.

Upstart Referral Network Lender-Branded Platform

We are going to listen and support whatever initiatives that Upstart presents. We might not do every one of them, but every one of them will be reviewed at the executive level. Upstart has earned that right with us.

Barry Cooper, CIO


Upstart’s model was able to deliver better returns, lower default rates, and reduced risk of fraud. We’ve grown the program from a small pilot to a full-scale lending program that’s continued to meet and exceed our expectations.

Sam Sidhu, President & CEO

Customers Bank

With BCU’s Workplace Banking partnerships and the Upstart Referral Network, we can deliver more inclusive lending to better serve new and existing members.

Dave Brydun, Senior Vice President of Lending


Upstart powered lenders

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Learn how you can grow your consumer lending business by approving more borrowers within your credit policy while providing a modern, digital experience.

1 In an internal study, Upstart evaluated the performance of our personal loan underwriting model as compared to the underwriting criteria used by a traditional bank. The results presented are based on loans originated on Upstart’s platform with at least one payment due prior to June 22, 2022.

2 Based on analysis of Upstart internal performance data, as of January 29th, 2024 tracking annualized default rates for all originations made 2018-Q1 to 2024-Q1 “vintages”, separated by Upstart Risk Grades and FICO scores.

3 To determine Net Promoter Score (NPS) score, Upstart used a third-party service to administer surveys to personal loan applicants following an applicant’s acceptance of a loan on Upstart’s platform.While the NPS methodology used by Upstart’s third-party service was designed to be consistent with the methodology used in the referenced benchmark study, any differences in the timing or method in which the surveys were administered could negatively impact the comparability of such NPSs. Source of bank NPS scores: Retently, “What is a Good Net Promoter Score? (2023 NPS Benchmark),” May 2023.

All-digital consumer lending experience for banks

All-digital consumer lending experience for credit unions

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