All-digital lending enabled by AI

Grow your consumer loan portfolio, approve more borrowers, and provide an exceptional digital experience

Realize dramatically better performance

fewer defaults at same approval rate1
more predictive than credit score during COVID-192
vs. less than 30 NPS at top-tier banks3

How you benefit

Grow your consumer loan portfolio

Grow your personal and auto loan portfolio profitably

Deepen household relationships

Acquire new customers

Lend to more creditworthy borrowers safely

Price and predict risk accurately

Increase approvals within your risk tolerance

Maintain full control of credit policy

Deliver a modern, all-digital experience

Enable consumers to borrow anywhere, any time

Originate loans in minutes vs. days

Automate approvals with minimal fraud rates

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We chose to partner with Upstart because their approach to modernizing lending is well aligned with FNBO’s focus on a customer-centric experience. Upstart’s AI/ML-based pricing engine and automation will allow us to profitably serve a broader set of customers, within a great digital onboarding experience, than we could before.

Marc Butterfield
SVP of Enterprise Digital Solutions and Emerging Business,
First National Bank of Omaha
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The best part of working with Upstart has been the ability to put the consumer on a better financial path to meet their goals, extinguish debt, and save for a home.

J.R. Buckner
CEO, First Federal Bank of Kansas City
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Upstart’s model was able to deliver better returns, lower default rates, and reduced risk of fraud. We’ve grown the program from a small pilot to a full-scale lending program that’s continued to meet and exceed our expectations.

Sam Sidhu
Vice Chairman and Chief Operating Officer, Customers Bank.

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Learn how you can grow your consumer lending business by approving more borrowers within your credit policy while providing a modern, digital experience.

1 In an internal study, Upstart replicated three bank models using their respective underwriting policies for personal loans and evaluated their hypothetical loss rates and approval rates using Upstart’s applicant base in late 2017. Such results represent the average rate of improvement exhibited by Upstart’s platform against the three respective bank models.

2 Based on an internal study conducted in June 2020 that compared the difference in hardship rate for a population of borrowers on Upstart segmented by both credit score and Upstart Risk Grade. When segmented by Upstart Risk Grade, the resulting difference in hardship rate between high risk and low risk borrowers is 600 bps. By comparison, when segmented by credit score, the resulting difference in hardship rate between high risk and low risk borrowers is only 90 bps.

3 To determine Net Promoter Score (NPS) score, Upstart used a third-party service to administer surveys to personal loan applicants immediately following an applicant’s acceptance of a loan on Upstart’s platform.While the NPS methodology used by Upstart’s third-party service was designed to be consistent with the methodology used in the referenced benchmark study, any differences in the timing or method in which the surveys were administered could negatively impact the comparability of such NPSs. Source of bank NPS scores: Forbes, citing Temkin Group Insight Report, NPS Benchmark Study, 2018, October 2018.

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