Auto Retail Lending

Accelerate loan growth through connected auto retail

Auto Retail Lending gives your institution direct and easy access to auto loans originated at Upstart-powered dealerships without the complexity of indirect lending.

Grow your auto loan portfolio*

more auto loans through connected retail
an expanding dealership network
a profitable auto portfolio

Gain direct access to more auto loans–without the friction

Indirect auto lending has long been a tough channel to grow due to competition and high operational expenses. With consumer expectations changing, lenders and dealerships must improve the digital car buying and financing process or they risk losing market share.

Upstart can help your institution win more auto loans with immediate access to a large dealer network of Upstart-powered dealerships. Unlike indirect auto lending, with Upstart, you can increase conversion rates by automatically bidding on more loans at the dealer and grow your auto portfolio with minimal resources.

How you benefit

Access more auto loans

Access more auto loans

  • Plug into a large dealer network without deploying resources to manage the relationships

Increase conversion rates

Increase conversion rates

  • Automatically bid on every loan submitted through Upstart Auto Retail

Control your program

Control your program

  • Set your return, risk and volume targets and receive auto loans through a forward-flow relationship

See how Upstart can help

How it works


Set your return target

Have full control over your credit parameters and risk profile to achieve your target auto loan volume and returns.


Access a growing dealer network

Your financial institution is automatically connected to customers at Upstart-powered dealerships — minimizing the need to proactively build a dealer network.

Customers can shop, configure the deal, and submit for financing online—without a hard inquiry on their credit.¹

Upstart seamlessly integrates with existing F&I solutions and requires minimal setup to get started.


Bid on every loan

Dealerships instantly receive a credit decision for every deal submitted through the platform — increasing your look-to-book and helping you gain more share of the indirect auto market.²

Upstart’s risk-based AI model individually prices the deal within your credit criteria and allocates the loan to your institution.


Automate verification

Customer identity and income are verified within the Upstart Auto Retail platform with most borrowers being instantly approved.

If required, documents and stips can be easily uploaded through a mobile-friendly process—with all verifications handled by Upstart.


Access your desired auto loans

Upstart purchases all contracts with the dealer directly and will forward-flow loans based on your target return and credit parameters.

Upstart Auto Retail for dealerships

Discover how Upstart Auto Retail is changing the way consumers shop and finance their cars online or in-store through a next-generation digital retail platform.

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