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Offer smarter, all-digital personal lending

Deploy Upstart’s Lender-Branded Platform on your institution’s website to offer a turnkey, all-digital lending experience, enabled by AI.

Laptop with Iron Upstart product congratulating borrower on loan approval
With Upstart, we will be able to serve more credit-worthy members and provide access to capital to those who need it most.

David Brand, Senior Vice President of Lending Operations


The first thing we looked at was a product that could satisfy all of our customer needs, and we felt Upstart could do that.

Gordon Levy, Senior Vice President, Consumer Banking Risk & Analytics

Apple Bank

How did we decide to partner with Upstart? I think it was a mix of the right products, the right delivery channels and using technology that we didn’t have the ability to create in house. Importantly, it was also a culture fit.

Jake Darabos Chief Financial and Administrative Officer


You want to move forward with a like-minded partner. Berkshire and Upstart aligned on mission, strategy and culture.

Nitin Mhatre, CEO

Berkshire Bank

How borrowers benefit

More approvals
as compared to a
traditional model¹
Lower rates
as compared to a
traditional model1
Monthly payment vs. multiple credit card payments

Approve more borrowers and deepen relationships

Offer a modern, all-digital personal lending experience on your website that is powered by Upstart while delivering higher approval rates and lower loss rates, all enabled by AI.

How you benefit

Build a profitable personal loan portfolio

Build a profitable personal loan portfolio

  • Put deposits to work building a profitable portfolio
  • Deepen household relationships
  • Acquire new borrowers

Lend to more creditworthy borrowers safely

Lend to more creditworthy borrowers safely

  • Price and predict risk accurately
  • Increase approvals within your risk tolerance
  • Maintain full control of credit policy

Deliver a modern, all–digital experience

Deliver a modern, all–digital experience

  • Enable consumers to borrow anywhere, any time
  • Originate loans in minutes, not days
  • Automate approvals with minimal fraud rates

See how Upstart can help your:

How it works



Lender-branded, mobile-friendly application that allows users to finish their application in one sitting.

Pre-filled application with existing customer information creates a quick and easy process.

Upstart provides a 5 min rate check


Credit decisioning

Risk-based AI model prices customers within your credit criteria resulting in higher approvals and lower losses.


Fraud & verifications

Upstart verifies customer application information providing 90% of borrowers with an instant funding experience.²

Document submission, when required, is seamless and mobile friendly.



Signature process happens same-day and is completely digital.

Borrower presented with option to directly pay off credit card balances.

Same-day completely digital closing

You're in control

Iron Federal personal loan dashboard

Configure your credit policy

Apply a wide array of qualifying criteria such as minimum credit score, maximum debt-to-income ratio, loan sizes, loan‐to‐value ratios, and more.

Set your pricing strategy

Configure rates to meet your desired return on assets tailored to your risk appetite.

Leverage AI to predict default

Approve borrowers that meet your risk profile – our model predicts the probability and timing of default.

Optional services

Applicant acquisition

Upstart can present your offer of credit to applicants on the site via the Upstart Referral Network to help you drive origination volume that compliments your existing marketing efforts.

Loan servicing

Upstart provides a comprehensive servicing solution that is lender-branded including U.S. based customer support, a payment platform, and collections services.

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Learn how you can grow your consumer lending business by approving more borrowers within your credit policy while providing a modern, digital experience.

1 As of October 2023, and based on a comparison between the Upstart model and a hypothetical traditional model. For more information on the methodology behind this study, please see Upstart’s Annual Access to Credit results here.

2 As of 3/31/2024. Fully Automated metric is calculated on a quarterly basis. Fully automated loans are defined as loans originated end-to-end (from initial rate request to final funding) with no human involvement.

A personal lending experience for banks

A personal lending experience for credit unions

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