Regulatory compliance

Upstart leverages artificial intelligence to help our bank and credit union partners deliver lending programs that are more accurate, inclusive, and efficient. Our products and services meet the regulatory requirements of all of our partners because we understand their needs, risks, and challenges. Upstart maintains a strong culture of compliance, having established risk programs led by a team of financial industry professionals, each with 15+ years experience in Risk and Compliance disciplines.

Upstart regularly helps its bank and credit union partners prepare for annual examinations from both state and federal regulators¹

Key topics

Fair lending

Upstart has developed industry-leading testing and validation techniques to measure fairness when using advanced credit modeling and nontraditional data.

Data security and privacy

Our team of security and privacy professionals has implemented rigorous internal controls and oversight to safeguard consumer data.

Safety and soundness

Upstart works with each partner to implement robust risk management programs that ensure each lender’s program is responsibly governed and overseen.


Upstart engages key government and industry stakeholders to advance the responsible use of AI in financial services.

¹ The logos above are owned by the US Government and the respective agencies. Their use is not intended as an endorsement by any of these agencies.

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