Upstart Referral Network

Acquire new personal loans and customers quickly

Personal loans are referred to your institution from consumers who apply at and meet your credit criteria.

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With Upstart’s modern, all-digital lending experience, AgFed will be able to meet the expectations and needs of today’s consumer.

Margie Click, CEO


Through our strategic partnership with Upstart, Alliant will be able to reach and lend to more creditworthy borrowers nationwide while expanding our membership through a modern, all-digital personal lending experience.

Robert Perrelli, Vice President of Partnership Development

Alliant Credit Union

Start growing your portfolio now

$1M to $50M
Volume per month
Net annualized return1
Days to go live

Grow your loan portfolio

The Upstart Referral Network is powered by Upstart’s AI lending platform, enabling fast, all-digital originations and accurate risk-based pricing. Consumers who apply for a personal loan at and meet your credit criteria are presented with loan offers from your institution. Once accepted, the loan is originated digitally, in minutes, using your loan documents.

How you benefit

Expand and diversify your loan portfolio

Expand and diversify your loan portfolio

  • Invest in personal loans
  • Reach more creditworthy borrowers nationwide
  • Convert borrowers into deposit customers via built-in incentives

Get started quickly with minimal investment

Get started quickly with minimal investment

  • All applicants sourced via
  • 100% digital origination - no disruption to your branch network or existing processes
  • Upstart provides servicing and collections – no additional resources needed

Control your risk profile

Control your risk profile

  • Specify your own credit box, risk tolerance and geographic focus
  • Monitor loan performance with Upstart’s near real-time performance console
  • Start with loan volumes as low as $1 million per month and adjust as you go

See how the Upstart Referral Network can help your:

Personal Loans

How it works


Set your parameters

Set more than 15 criteria including minimum credit score, maximum debt-to-income ratio, loan sizes, geography and more.

Set your parameters with Upstart


Reach borrowers

Upstart’s robust marketing engine uses advanced online and offline strategies to drive demand at where we present your offer of credit to the right applicants.

Upstart product on mobile device with ability to reach borrowers where ever they are


Present your rate offer in minutes

Your loan offer is presented under your brand.

Mobile-friendly application allows users to finish their application in one sitting.

Upstart’s risk-based AI model individually prices and matches applicants within your credit criteria resulting in higher approvals and lower losses.

Upstart product confirming loan offer


Acquire new customers

Acquire new customers by offering rate discounts to those opening a deposit account with your institution.

Upstart product confirming rate discount


Approve, verify, and fund

Nearly 82% of loans fully automated.²

Upstart’s expert staff manage all exception processes for higher-risk applications.

Same day all-digital signature process.

Next-business day loan funding.

Same-day completely digital closing


Optimize loan portfolio

Monitor loan performance with your near real-time performance console.

Adjust your lending parameters and increase or decrease loan volume based on your needs.

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Learn how you can grow your consumer lending business by approving more borrowers within your credit policy while providing a modern, digital experience.

1 Program lending parameters are highly configurable and set within the lender’s risk tolerance. Net annualized return (NAR) is calculated as weighted average coupon minus expected annualized losses. Represents the average NAR received by Upstart lending partners for originations in July 2022 using the Upstart Referral Network.

2 As of 12/31/2022. Fully automated loans are defined as loans originated end-to-end (from initial application to final funding) with no human involvement.

Upstart Referral Network for Banks

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