Consolidate your credit cards

What would you do if you didn’t have credit card debt?

Save interest on your credit card

Loans from $1,000 - $50,000* | 3 & 5 year terms2 | 5.22% - 35.99%2
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Fixed Rate
No teaser rates - your monthly payment is always the same.
clear pay-off date
Clear Pay-Off Date
3 or 5 year terms give you a line of sight to paying off your debt.
save money compared to credit card rates
Save Money
10% lower rates than traditional models.3
fast and easy application process
Fast and Easy Process
Get funded in as fast as 1 business day after accepting your loan.4

Credit card consolidations FAQs


What is a credit card consolidation loan?

A credit card consolidation loan is a personal loan you can use to pay off balances on your credit cards. Once your credit card balances are at zero, you can focus on making just one monthly payment on the loan. The interest rates for your consolidation loan, if lower than your those of your cards, may result in less interest paid over time. This could save you money and help you pay off your debt faster.


What are the advantages of credit card consolidation?

There are many benefits to credit card consolidation. Often, interest rates on a fixed-rate, installment loan will be lower than those of your credit cards which helps save money. Additionally, you can focus on making one payment per month instead of keeping track of multiple cards with different due dates. Lastly, you’ll have a known pay-off date. If you make all of the scheduled payments on your credit card consolidation loan, your loan will be completely paid off by that date.


What are some of my other options?

A consolidation loan isn’t the only way to pay off credit cards but it is a popular choice. Paying off your card balances in cash will usually be the best option if you can afford to do so. Some people use a 0% APR Balance Transfer Credit Card used to pay off other credit cards with a higher interest rate. However, transfer fees may be high and 0% promotional rates might go away after a short promotional period.


How do I get a credit card consolidation loan?

You can apply for a credit card consolidation loan easily online by submitting details about your income and education history. If eligible, you’ll see an array of offers with different APRs, terms, and monthly payments.


What will getting a credit card consolidation loan do to my credit score?

When you check your rate, we check your credit report. This initial (soft) inquiry will not affect your credit score.1 If you accept your rate and proceed with your application, we do another (hard) credit inquiry that will impact your credit score. Your credit score will only be affected when you submit an application for credit and choose to accept the loan. If you take out a loan, repayment information will be reported to the credit bureaus.


After I'm approved, how long does it take to get the money?

A credit card consolidation loan offers you the convenience of getting your money fast. Funding can happen in as soon as one business day of accepting the loan so you can pay off your high-interest credit cards immediately.4