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Acquire new auto refinance loans and customers quickly

Upstart drives refinance-eligible borrowers to and provides your institution with auto loans that meet your credit criteria.

By expanding our partnership with Upstart into auto refinance, we're able to extend lending services beyond our local footprint and serve more creditworthy borrowers which aligns with our goal of helping all families build a better financial future.

Sara Butch, Managing Director of Consumer Sales

First Federal Bank of Kansas City

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Avg monthly borrower savings1
Managed lien perfection
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Grow your loan portfolio

The Upstart Referral Network is powered by Upstart’s AI lending platform, enabling fast, all-digital originations and accurate risk-based pricing. Consumers who apply for an auto refinance loan at and meet your credit criteria are presented with loan offers from your institution. Once accepted, the loan is originated digitally using your loan documents, Upstart handles the lien perfection, and you gain a new household.

How you benefit

Grow households

Grow households

  • Reach more creditworthy borrowers in your target market
  • Acquire new households with attractive borrower attributes
  • Cultivate new household relationships for long-term value

Expand consumer lending

Expand consumer lending

  • Grow your consumer loan portfolio profitably
  • Diversify into auto refinance lending
  • Earn a high yield with predictable risk

Get started quickly with minimal investment

Get started quickly with minimal investment

  • All applicants sourced via
  • 100% digital origination - no disruption to your branch network or existing processes
  • Through Upstart, you will receive lien perfection, servicing and collections on your behalf

Control your risk profile

Control your risk profile

  • Specify your own credit box, risk tolerance, and geographic focus
  • Monitor loan performance with Upstart’s near real-time performance console
  • Start at any loan volume and adjust as you go

See how the Upstart Referral Network can help your:

Auto Refinance

How it works


Set your parameters

You can apply a wide array of qualifying criteria such as minimum credit score, maximum debt-to-income ratio, loan sizes, loan-to-value ratios, and more.


Reach borrowers

Upstart’s robust marketing engine uses advanced online and offline strategies to drive demand to where we present your offer of credit to the right applicants.


Automate vehicle loan lookup

Mobile-friendly application makes the process quick and easy—with only a soft pull on credit.

Vehicle and loan details such as VIN or license plate are automatically pulled.


Present your rate offer in minutes

Upstart’s risk-based AI model individually prices and matches applicants within your credit criteria resulting in higher approvals and lower losses.

Asset valuation is pulled from third party services and then leveraged in loan pricing.


Approve, verify, and payoff

Customer information is verified—many applicants are approved automatically.

Our expert staff manages all stips requested for higher-risk applications.

We provide an e-signature process with our refinance verification.²

Funds are sent directly to the previous lender—and payoff is verified.


Avoid the hassle of lien perfection

Upstart handles title management for both electronic and paper titles creating a seamless experience for your institution and consumers.

We provide lender-branded servicing that includes payment processing, collection, and repossession services.

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Learn how you can grow your consumer lending business by approving more borrowers within your credit policy while providing a modern, digital experience.

1 This information is estimated based on all consumers who were approved for an auto loan through Upstart and accepted their final terms. As of 4/1/2024, the average monthly payment savings amount is 17%.

2 E-signature refers to the online loan application and promissory note.

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