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We help our bank and credit union partners grow their consumer lending portfolios and offer an exceptional digital lending experience.
“Many Fintech companies aspire to become the bank of the future — we’re not one of them. Instead of competing with banks, we partner with them and use AI to create modern all-digital lending experiences.”
Dave Girouard, CEO

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See what some of our lending partners have to say about working with Upstart:

Upstart’s model was able to deliver better returns, lower default rates, and reduced risk of fraud. We’ve grown the program from a small pilot to a full-scale lending program that’s continued to meet and exceed our expectations.”
Sam Sidhu
President & CEO
“Our mission is to bring the best products and services to our members as well as help improve their overall financial health and well-being. Our partnership with Upstart’s all-digital, AI lending solution allows us to drive more inclusive lending outside of our branch footprint and help even more people improve their financial wellness.”
Richard Wada
Chief Lending Officer
“We chose to partner with Upstart because their approach to modernizing lending is well aligned with FNBO’s focus on a customer-centric experience. Upstart’s AI/ML-based pricing engine and automation will allow us to profitably serve a broader set of customers, within a great digital on-boarding experience, than we could before.”
Marc Butterfield
SVP of Enterprise Digital Solutions and Emerging Business
“Associated Bank is transforming our consumer lending products and excited to partner with Upstart to deliver a modern digital lending experience for personal loan. With a new personal loan product powered by Upstart on our website, we are able to provide a fast, convenient borrowing experience for more customers in the communities we serve.”
Brent Tischler
Executive Vice President, Director of Retail Banking
“The best part of working with Upstart has been the ability to put the consumer on a better financial path to meet their goals, extinguish debt, and save for a home.”
J.R. Bucker
Chief Executive Officer
“Upstart’s Credit Decision API will enable us to increase the speed of lending decisions, better price applicants and more accurately assess risk, ultimately to better serve our customers.”
Ganesh Kumar
Chief Operating Officer
“We talked to one fintech company and we didn’t like their model and approach. They immediately told us we could considerably mark up rates and make money. As a credit union, that’s not our philosophy, and it didn’t sit well with us. Our goal is to lend responsibly to help our members fulfill their goals … We wanted a partner who lends to the right people, even though those people may have blemishes on their credit history. We want to make an impact on their lives.”
Brent McCoy
Chief Credit Officer
“Midwest BankCentre is a values-based bank committed to helping our clients find financial solutions that are right for them. Upstart’s use of artificial intelligence to expand access to reasonably priced capital coupled with its sleek online customer interface helps us to save our clients’ money and improve their lives.”
Danny R. Pogue
President – Commercial, Retail & Small Business Banking
“By utilizing Upstart’s AI lending model, we can serve more customers in our communities who can benefit from affordable credit.”
Matthew Gallman
Vice President & Enterprise Risk Officer
“With Upstart’s platform, we’re continuing our Delivery Transformation, an investment in our technology and delivery systems to meet the evolving needs of our Customers. Through this partnership, we’re providing a more affordable personal loan solution that meets the unique needs of our diverse communities across the Greater Philadelphia and Delaware region.”
Jim Wechsler
Senior Vice President, Chief Retail Lending Officer
“Telhio selected Upstart as our partner for AI lending based on the modern, member-centric experience of its online personal loan application process. With Upstart’s AI lending platform, we will be able to improve credit access based on true risk based on over 1,000 variables without the overreliance on the traditional credit score and debt-to-income ratio to determine a borrower’s creditworthiness.”
Derrick Bailey
Chief Sales Officer
“We selected Upstart because of the dynamic nature of the AI underwriting model that allows us to approve credit-worthy applicants at competitive rates. Thanks to Upstart, we are able to provide our customers a digital-first consumer lending product as yet another step in the Bank’s digital transformation.”
Jim Matera
Executive Vice President and Chief Retail Banking Officer