Drive deals from start-to-finish with our digital retailing platform

Close more deals easily with Upstart Auto Retail, our customized retail solution for dealers and customers.

Winning results for our partners

Close more deals
Top lead-to-sale rate
for digital retail providers
With top OEM partners
Save more time
90 minutes
saved per deal
Germain Automotive Group
Get more out of every sale
59% higher PVR
across 14 brands
Del Grande Dealer Group

How you benefit

Power flexible deals

Feature end-to-end transactions digitally, online, and in store for complete flexibility.

Get a fully configurable tool customized for your business.

Increase target efficiency

Remove hurdles in the online and in-store experience — and hit all of your sales targets.

Connect instantly with the most qualified leads.

Maximize loan profits

Access Upstart’s AI-powered lending platform to get better rates on loans for dealers and customers.

Tap into smarter, instant credit decisioning.

Upstart Auto Retail partners

Experience the Upstart Auto Retail platform

Online digital retailing

Engage customers with a modern and innovative digital retailing platform.

Offer a start-to-finish experience that allows customers to complete their deal online and pick up where they left off in your showroom.

In store digital retailing

Digitize your showroom experience. Our iPad app allows you to uplevel your in-store capabilities. Dealers can get started quickly with intuitive training and with seamless integrations to any system.

Upstart AI-powered lending

Get an accurate list of every loan option in an easily digestible menu. Managers and shoppers can make an informed decision and get a great rate quickly.

One integrated platform

Say goodbye to duplicate leads or mixed up data. Enable a custom-built integration between all of your third-party tools, from inventory feeds to CRM, F&I, and more.

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