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Bloomberg TV

Bloomberg TV: How Upstart Is Helping Increase Access to Credit

CEO Dave Girouard explains how Upstart uses alternative data, machine learning and artificial intelligence to improve lending.
Fox Business

Fox Business - Betting on Consumer Lending to Millennials

Upstart CEO Dave Girouard speaks on the benefits of lending to young people.
Fox Business

An Elegant Lending Platform for a More Civilized Age

Upstart is peer-to-peer lending, the way you would expect a bunch of smart, data-driven entrepreneurs with plenty of funding to do it.
The Economist

Forbes - Your New Loan Officer Is Software

Dozens of startups are tackling lending practices in the U.S. today... but there's a real difference from companies that decide to lend money but don’t have anything unique to their approach.
Financial Times

Lend Academy - Upstart Makes Changes Today That Benefit Investors

Upstart is stirring up the industry... and coming out aggressively for investors

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February 12, 2020
The Future Of Personal Finance: Fintech 50 2020
Kelly Anne Smith, Forbes
January 25, 2020
A College Degree Can Now Help You Get A Loan
Derek Newton, Forbes
January 8, 2020
How Innovative Banks Scale Consumer Loans
Amber Buker, Bank Director
December 26, 2019
You may have to give more personal data to get personal loan
Annie Millerbernd, Associated Press