Make it convenient. Keep it flexible.

Simplify and streamline the digital retail process so car buyers can build their deal online and pick up where they left off in your showroom.


Find the perfect match

Help car buyers browse and shop your entire inventory online and on any device. Allow filtering and sorting in a variety of ways to ensure they find the perfect fit for their lifestyle and budget.


Create a fully flexible experience

Empower car buyers to build deals at their own pace. Their information is saved and synced so they can pick up where they left off online.


Capture secure deposit

Boost customer satisfaction by giving car buyers the option to place a secure deposit and reserve the car they intend to buy online.

Secure payment form on a tablet


Upload important info

Simplify the documentation process by allowing car buyers to upload important files such as driver’s license, proof of insurance, lending information, and more.

Upstart customer uploading documents on tablet


Offer accurate payment options

Make it easy for car buyers to select the payment option that fits their needs—from cash and leasing to financing.

Transparency and simplicity in auto retaill with customizable payments


Provide an easy trade-in assessment

Estimate trade-in value to help car buyers lower their monthly payments or purchase of their vehicle.

Car buyer in seat looking at Upstart Auto Retail tools on dealer's tablet
Select a trade-in offer realtime


Offer a selection of add-ons

Give car buyers the ability to add F&I products, customize protection plans, and accessories. Our full F&I menu integrates seamlessly into your shopping experience.

Offer add-ons


Automate the lending experience

Make it easy for car buyers to submit their credit application to all of your preferred lenders instantly.

Upstart credit application screen

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