Power your OEM Program with Upstart Auto Retail ​

Power your OEM Program with Upstart Auto Retail ​

Upstart Auto Retail repeatedly outperforms in lead-to-sale rate and number of showroom appointments*

How it works

Built for customers

Create a seamless customer experience — wherever they shop.

Shop anywhere, buy anywhere

Enable a single, seamless buying experience from start-to-finish whether online, in store, or across channels with our digital retailing platform.


Grow trust and transparency from the first interaction

Provide a flexible, friction-free browsing and deal-building experience.


Offer more loan options at better rates

Allow customers to choose from any F&I option, including Upstart’s AI-powered lending.

Built for OEMs

Customize anything through one platform.

Drive a consistent brand experience

Offer the right amount of flexibility for a dealer. Our partners have full control over the look, feel, and flow of the buying experience and can provide tools that control permissions across dealerships.


Get a seamless connection between all third-party tools

Experience the ease of one integrated platform — from inventory feeds to CRM, F&I, and more.


Obtain full transparency

See the whole picture with our robust reporting tools that pull together data across shopper engagement, deal progress, dealership performance, and more.

Built for dealers

Drive consistency, flexibility, and efficiency.


Get more than just a website

Attract more leads with our digital retailing platform built with the in-store experience at its core.


Meet customers on their terms

Enable flexible deal types and pricing for every customer.


Increase efficiency across the board

Remove hurdles in the online and in store experience — for dealers and customers alike.

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