Power your OEM Program with Upstart Auto Retail ​

Power your OEM Program with Upstart Auto Retail ​

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A comprehensive digital retail platform—from online to in store

Drive brand consistency

Maintain flexibility in the customization of our platform while staying within your brand guidelines—from look-and-feel to flow throughout the entire experience.

Create an omnichannel experience

Make it easy for car buyers to build deals at their own pace while their information is automatically synced on your platform.

Gain full transparency

See the whole picture with our robust reporting tools that pull together data across shopper engagement, deal progress, dealership performance, and more.

Access instant credit decisioning

Utilize our integrations with RouteOne, DealerTrack, and CUDL to offer real-time credit decisioning to car buyers.

Offer a selection of add-ons

Give car buyers the ability to add F&I products, customize protection plans, and accessories. Our full F&I menu integrates seamlessly into your shopping experience.

Integrate sales and manager dashboard tools

Enable a custom-built integration between all of your third-party tools, from inventory feeds to CRM, F&I, and more. Track real-time progress with our sales and reporting tools.

Get access to a dedicated support team

Ensure everything runs smoothly with our Dealer Success Managers by your side.

Sales women showing customer details on tablet

Engage car buyers with a virtual showroom

Instantly connect your salespeople with car buyers outside the store through live chat and video walkthrough tools. Build deals, switch vehicles, update pricing, collect information, and answer any questions in real time.

Upstart manager portal on a tablet

Manage everything in one place

Create a smoother workflow by completing deals in one platform from browsing inventory to e-sign, improving transparency and building customer trust.

Stay in control of deals

Interact with sales via live chat to help structure deals, including pricing, deal type, loan offers, and more. Easily change terms, APRs, discounts and down payments, so you can create deals that fit the car buyer’s needs.

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