Connected auto retail meets AI-powered financing

Upstart provides a complete, connected end-to-end retail platform that boosts profitability and enables the best car-buying experience for every customer, anywhere.

Sell more cars

and increase profits

with connected retail

Deliver a modern customer experience from your dealer website to the showroom to the F&I office.

The proof is in the numbers

See why our partners love working with us

Speed up sales and save time

90 minutes saved per deal

Leif Johnson Automotive

Increase close rates

4x lead to close rate versus the national average

J. Bertolet Volkswagen

Improve customer satisfaction

10% increase CSI scores YOY

Hanania Mitsubishi

Power more loans with AI-powered financing

Add another loan option to your offerings to make financing available to more buyers and increase sales while remaining in full control.

Increase profits

More flexibility to finance deals

Increase profits

Up to


higher back-end gross vs industry average¹

More flexibility to finance deals

Up to


LTV with no max backend

Who we work with

“Upstart Auto Retail is more than “digital retail” software. They’ve been a committed partner on our journey to evolve the buying experience.  With their tools on our websites and in our showrooms we can empower guests while maximizing revenue opportunities for the dealership.”

Paul Germain, Owner & VP of Operations

Germain Automotive

“If you are a dealer trying to give your customers the best automotive buying experience online and in-store, Upstart Auto Retail is second to none. Their industry leading software allows the consumer and the sales consultant to work effortlessly together to complete the transaction online or in the showroom.”

Shane Fouch, General Sales Manager

Byers Imports

"Questions inevitably pop up during the car-buying experience as every customer's situation is different. With video walkthroughs, real-time deal building, and a transparent process, our guests get a car they love at a price they're happy with because our sales specialists are there to help every step of the way."

Matt Sneed, Director of Operations

Power Ford

“Upstart Auto Retail has empowered our sales teams to make the buying process more transparent and helped sell more vehicles at a higher profit. And with Upstart’s AI-powered financing, we look forward to approving more borrowers and continuing to develop our ‘no brainer’ checkout experience.”

Tony Corini, VP of Finance


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  1. In an internal study, Upstart compared data on Upstart-funded loans through a leading dealer partner from November 2023 to industry data over the course of 2023, sourced from JM&A. Average back-end gross for Upstart-funded loans was $2,533 while the industry average was $1,818.
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