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Industry news

How the car inventory shortage is changing the dealer business

Car inventory shortages drive up prices, frustrate everyone, and disrupt the industry If you’re like almost every dealer across …
AI-powered financing

Six ways dealers (and customers) win with AI-Powered Financing

AI expands credit access, elevates buyer experiences, and boosts profits   AI-Powered Financing upends the traditional FICO score-based model …
In-store digital retail

A new dealership model for a new generation of car buyers

Let’s face it, gone are the days when stopping by the local dealership is the preferred way to buy …
AI-powered financing, Industry news

Digital transformation & bigger loans: how auto finance is evolving in 2022

2022’s latest research shows double-digit loan increases and an urgent demand for digitization   Out of more than 28 …
In-store digital retail, Online retail

4 ways single point of contact helps you create a modern car-buying experience

In an age full of choices, customer experience is key. And technology is the catalyst for creating the types …

12 steps to better prep high-mileage cars for quicker sales

High-mileage user cars need a tad more attention—here’s how to make them most appealing   Used cars ticking over …

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