Indirect auto loans

Expand your share in indirect auto

Leverage Upstart’s AI technology to acquire more loans from your dealers by approving more creditworthy borrowers and improving the dealer experience.
Upstart’s Credit Decision API will enable us to increase the speed of lending decisions, better price applicants and more accurately assess risk, ultimately to better serve our customers.

Ganesh Kumar, Chief Operating Officer

Oriental Bank

Grow your indirect auto loan portfolio

Indirect auto loans comprise the majority of auto loans outstanding. Despite the large size of the market, it’s becoming increasingly difficult to maintain margins due to strong competition.

Gain a competitive edge to win more loans from dealers. Deploy Upstart’s AI-based Credit Decision API with your existing systems to find hidden prime borrowers through instant and accurate risk-based pricing, all within your risk profile. Our technology will enable you to offer better priced rates and faster credit decisioning for every applicant.

How you benefit

Lend to more creditworthy borrowers safely

Lend to more creditworthy borrowers safely

  • Find hidden prime borrowers with accurately priced risk
  • Maintain or reduce your current loss rates
  • Drive higher loan margins

Increase your look-to-book

Increase your look-to-book

  • Offer the best rates for conversion
  • Provide deal structure flexibility to increase close rates
  • Deliver instant decisions for all applicants

Improve the dealer experience

Improve the dealer experience

  • Offer multiple deal structures to give dealers more options
  • Reprice new deal structures instantly for faster closing
  • Expand LTV rules for greater flexibility

How it works


Dealer requests loan offer

Dealer submits customer and vehicle information to your institution using their existing dealer portal.

Your institution passess the application data to Upstart via our secure Credit Decision API.


Credit decision delivered

Upstart’s AI model leverages over 1,000 variables to individually price applicants within your credit criteria, resulting in higher approvals and lower losses.

100% of applicants receive an instant credit decision.

Upstart’s Credit Decision API returns risk-based pricing and term options, or a decline.


Dealer receives decision and loan offers

Existing portal displays multiple deal structures to give the dealer more options.


Deal structure is finalized and loan is closed

Dealer can adjust the deal structure (i.e. add F&I products, change down payment, etc), and Upstart can provide instant repricing for faster closing.

Loan is originated using the existing process established with your dealer.

You're in control

Iron Federal personal loan dashboard

Configure your credit policy

Apply a wide array of qualifying criteria such as minimum credit score, maximum debt-to-income ratio, loan sizes, loan‐to‐value ratios, and more.

Set your pricing strategy

Configure rates to meet your desired return on assets tailored to your risk appetite.

Leverage AI to predict default

Approve borrowers that meet your risk profile – our model predicts the probability and timing of default.

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