Credit Decision API

Integrate Upstart’s AI underwriting technology into your existing origination process to deliver instant decisioning with accurate, risk-based pricing.

Upstart’s Credit Decision API will enable us to increase the speed of lending decisions, better price applicants and more accurately assess risk, ultimately to better serve our customers.

Ganesh Kumar, Chief Operating Officer

Oriental Bank

How it works

Use your existing application process with Upstart’s AI-powered Credit Decision API.
Our model supports real‐time decisions, APRs, and AANs for your auto or personal loan.



Customers apply for loan financing with your current loan process.

Via our secure API, lender passes application data to Upstart.


Credit decisioning

Upstart leverages 1600+ data points and returns risk-based pricing and term options, including support for declines — all based on your credit policy.



Your existing experience displays pricing and term options to the customer.

You're in control

Customize your credit policy

Define your setup, including credit score ranges, desired debt-to-income ratios, supported states, and more.

Leverage AI to predict default

Our model estimates the probability and timing of default to enable you to manage within your risk appetite.

Control your economics

Configure rates to manage your desired return on assets.

100% instant pricing

Modernize lending across multiple products


Personal loans


Auto loans


More coming soon

Upstart’s underwriting is proven

Trained with real-world borrower data at scale and over time.

Data points per applicant not just a credit score
repayment events
from borrowers¹
In originations
since 2012¹

AI leads to dramatically better performance

Upstart Model vs. Traditional Models*


Fewer defaults
at same approval rate



More approvals
at same default rate



Fewer defaults
at same approval rate


More approvals
at same default rate

*In an internal study, Upstart evaluated the performance of our personal loan underwriting model as compared to the underwriting criteria used by a traditional bank. The results presented are based on loans originated on Upstart’s platform with at least one payment due prior to June 22, 2022.

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Learn how you can grow your consumer lending business by approving more borrowers within your credit policy while providing a modern, digital experience.

¹ As of 4/18/2024.

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