Credit Decision API

Enhance your credit decisioning with AI to drive growth, reduce risk, and delight customers. Now supporting Auto, Personal, and Student Loans.

You're in control

Configure your Credit Policy

Set more than 15 criteria including minimum credit score, maximum debt-to-income ratio, loan sizes and more.

Leverage AI to predict default

Estimate the probability and timing of default, enabling you to approve the right applicants at the right price.

Control your economics

Configure rates to meet your desired return on assets tailored to your risk appetite.


How it works

Use your existing application flow with Upstart’s AI-powered Credit Decision API. Our model supports real-time decisions, APRs, and AANs for your auto loan, personal loan, or student loan program.

Customers apply for loan financing with your current loan process
Via our secure API, bank passes application data to Upstart
If the applicant meets your credit policy, Upstart’s AI model returns risk-based decisioning and pricing recommendations
Your existing flow displays pricing and term options to the customer

100% instant pricing across multiple products


Upstart’s model is proven

Trained with real-world borrower data at scale and over time.
in originations
since 20121
from borrowers1

issued loans
across bank partners1

data points
not just a credit score

AI leads to dramatically better performance

Upstart Model vs. Traditional Models*


Fewer defaults
at same approval rate


More approvals
at same loss rate


Fewer defaults
at same approval rate


More approvals
at same loss rate

* In an internal study, Upstart replicated three bank models using their respective underwriting policies and evaluated their hypothetical loss rates and approval rates using Upstart’s applicant base in late 2017. Such result represents the average rate of improvement exhibited by Upstart’s platform against each of the three respective bank models.

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Student loans
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1 As of 6/30/2020.