Introducing Upstart Auto Retail Build & Price

How an online tool can help car dealers amidst inventory shortages and more

Upstart Auto Retail Build & Price is now available to all dealers currently running on the most recent version of Upstart Auto Retail Online. This easy-to-use tool helps dealers provide car buyers the opportunity to build and configure their ideal car even if it’s not currently available. Dealers can also capture car-buyers’ interests and preferences along the way to help better assist them in the future.

In this blog, we’ll share insights about the tool, how to use it, and why it’s a value-add for dealers. Here are the topics we’ll highlight in the article:


What Build & Price is and its benefits

Upstart is proud to announce the release of Upstart Auto Retail Build & Price for 34 major OEM brands. Originally launched exclusively with Subaru, Build & Price is integrated inside the digital retail experience, made available for all dealers currently running on the most recent version of Upstart Auto Retail Online.

Built on top of Upstart’s digital retail platform, Build & Price enables car buyers to build deals online for vehicles that are not in stock or even in transit—directly from the dealer’s website. This keeps car buyers engaged, capturing leads even when specific inventory isn’t available.

Inventory shortages are likely here to stay. With Upstart Auto Retail, dealers can maximize profit by providing customers with the option to build their ideal car, choose the F&I products that fit their needs, and see their price update in real time based on their selections—all with a sales consultant just a click away. 

Simply put, Upstart Auto Retail’s Build & Price tool turns inventory challenges into opportunities.


How to use Build & Price

Upstart Auto Retail Build & Price is easy to use both for car buyers and dealers who choose to add this feature to their websites. After a dealer decides to add a link to their Upstart Auto Retail Build & Price tool, car buyers can access all the information they need in one place, and complete the process in just a few intuitive steps. 


1. Car buyers start their journey by selecting a vehicle from a dealers inventory page and working through the steps towards purchasing from within the digital retail tool. Often, these customers choose to compare their first selection with other vehicles in the dealer’s inventory. With Build & Price, Upstart Auto Retail adds a link within the inventory feed encouraging customers to build and price their own vehicle.

"Find your perfect vehicle" website within the digital retail tool. There are many cars shown on the left side with one vehicle spotlit. There is a call to action button highlighting that customers can build and price a vehicle if they cannot find the one they're looking for.


2. When a car buyer selects to build their vehicle and understand pricing, they’re presented with current-year vehicle options — make, model, trim and exterior and interior color options. At the end of the build process, the car buyer is preceded with pricing associated with their build.

Four Honda trim options are presented at the stage in the build and price process where customers select their make, model, and trim. On the right of the page, an image of the selected vehicle and trim is spotlit.


3. Next, customers share their contact information and preferred method of contact (email, phone call, or text).

Web page that has a form on the right side of the screen where car buyers can leave their contact information and select how they want to be contacted. On the left side of the screen is an image of the vehicle they built through the Build & Price process.


4. After submitting their contact information, a car buyer is presented with estimated pricing and the option to start the buying process or start a new build with different options.

Web page that shows the estimated price of the vehicle that was built in the middle of the screen. On the right displays estimated pricing based on paying cash or a monthly lease/finance rate. On the left is an image of the vehicle that the car buyer built previously.


5. When the car buyer selects to start the buying process, they’re guided through payment options, trade-in, protection plans, accessories, credit applications, and an appointment scheduler. 


6. After the car buyer has completed the steps they’re comfortable with, they’re presented with a deal summary to review ahead of their scheduled appointment, or prior to someone at the dealership contacting them regarding next steps.

Congratulations screen which outlines the full pricing information for the vehicle that has been configured to include all steps from the digital retail process - vehicle, accessories, insurance, and other options.


7. At this point, the customer’s selections and contact information will be pushed to the car dealer’s CRM.

      • Of course, if the same or similar car isn’t currently available on a dealer’s lot or across the group, the dealership would capture the car buyer’s interest, source the car if possible, or potentially start a custom order with the OEM. 


Additional information

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