Manager Portal

Gain full visibility and control over every deal

Interact with your sales team via chat to structure deals, including payment options, loan types, F&I products, and more.


Streamline your buying process

Reduce duplicate deals and enable a seamless integration between all your third-party tools, from CRM, F&I, to inventory feeds and more with our custom-built integrations.

Upstart manager portal on a tablet


Manage everything in one place

Complete deals in one seamless workflow from browsing inventory to e-signing, improving transparency, and building customer trust.

Manager your deals and start a new one
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Stay in control of deals

Interact with your sales team via live chat to help structure deals, including pricing, deal type, loan offers, and more. Easily change terms, APRs, discounts, and down payments, so you can create deals that fit your car buyer’s needs.

Upstart Auto Retail chat feature


Track results and trends

Access everything you need all in one convenient place to manage multiple deals, track analytics, and view sales reports. Identify trends in real-time to create data-driven processes across your dealership.

Upstart Manager Dashboard

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