Germain Automotive Partnership success story


Germain Automotive noticed a drastic change in customer search and shopping behavior due to the auto industry going digital-first. They needed a simple yet powerful way to take the online experience and connect it in the store.


Upstart Auto Retail’s ability to integrate customers’ online car-buying behavior to the in-store experience created a seamless transition that empowered salespeople with the right information when customers stepped into the store.

About Germain Automotive Group

Germain is comprised of 35 dealerships throughout Ohio, Florida, and Michigan. Providing Toyota, Lexus, Nissan, Ford, Mercedes-Benz, Honda, BMW, INFINITI, Volkswagen, Mazda, Sprinter, Audi, Porsche, and Cadillac models.

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Increase in closing rates


Increase in appointments


Minutes saved per deal


Increase in repeat customers, referrals and positive reviews

A fully integrated in-store experience

Germain Automotive’s customer-focused approach meant they wanted to eliminate any friction in the customer experience. The online portion of the Upstart Auto Retail platform was great for providing feedback on customers’ behavior, but it was integrating that data into the in-store experience that made all the difference. Germain Automotive saw exactly what customers did online— from browsing to building deals—empowering sales agents with the right information when the customer stepped into the store.

Less time per deal

Germain Automotive realized that customers had two big needs—time savings and building deals at their own pace.

Reducing time per deal wasn’t only important for creating a better customer experience, but it was also impactful for sales. Germain Automotive saved an average of 90 minutes per deal. The time savings gives sales the ability to serve more customers and have more opportunities to sell.

We wanted to give consumers the freedom to get as far as they wanted in the buying cycle. With Upstart Auto Retail, we were able to provide everyone with an option that allowed them to shop at their own comfort level. Customers are now able to save time by accomplishing as much of the deal as they wanted online, while having all their information automatically synced when coming into our dealership

Germain Automotive Group

We’re finding that customers are having a much more enjoyable experience. This has led to lift in positive reviews, as well as lift in repeat and referral customers. The process is more about putting the customer at the center of the experience while our sales team helps guide them through it, making interactions less rigid and more personable

Germain Automotive Group

Increased deal transparency

Upstart Auto Retail helped empower Germain’s salespeople to be more transparent by showing every part of the deal from browsing to desking to customers without leaving their side. By showing the vehicle’s exact worth and payment options, customers feel included in the deal and salespeople can focus more on helping customers find the right vehicle at the right price.

More efficient onboarding and
resource allocation

Upstart Auto Retail has made it easier for Germain Automotive’s sales teams to sell more cars. Now, even people who never sold cars before can get into the business quickly. It’s a simple tool that gives detailed, step-by-step directions throughout the entire deal. It has also helped to shift roles and staffing within the dealership. Germain Automotive has been able to optimize how they’re staffing their showrooms. They’ve transitioned people to different roles inside the company to be more efficient. Since this change, they’ve been able to run with fewer sales staff while still accomplishing more sales and enabling their salespeople to earn higher incomes.

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