AI-Powered Financing

Turn every deal into a win-win scenario

AI-powered financing makes it easier to approve more car buyers and give them better loan options—leading to more sales and higher profits.


Reach more buyers

Expand your customer base with loans that go beyond what traditional loans can offer with our credit scoring model.

Upstart Auto Retail makes the approval process easy
Car buyer using the chat tool on mobile


Customize loan offers

Help customers get the best loans and rates and personalize deal structures including terms, discounts, APRs, down payments, and more.

Get instant approvals with Upstart Auto Retail


Make each loan more profitable

Get more out of every loan with pre-negotiated rates.

More loans. More approvals. More profit.

More loans.
More approvals.
More profit.

Competitive reserve rates up to


More advance for F&I products up to


LTV with no max backend

Instant approvals

With next day funding

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