Victory Park Increases Investment to $500M in Loans on Upstart

We’re committed to providing fairly priced loans to quality borrowers who aren’t well-served by traditional lenders. Since launching loans less than a year ago, we’ve originated more than 5,000 loans totaling $70M, including more than $14M in March alone!

Today, we’re thrilled to announce that our partner Victory Park Capital is increasing their investment from $100M to $500M to fund loans on our platform. It’s an exciting vote of confidence that will help fuel our growth.

Victory Park Capital, an asset management firm focused on middle market debt and equity investments, brings us not just capital but a wealth of knowledge and experience.
They began purchasing loans on our platform in August 2014.

We’re on a mission to bring financial fitness to all, and teaming with VPC gives us confidence that we’ll have the impact on the world that we want.


* When you check your rate, we check your credit report. This initial (soft) inquiry will not affect your credit score. If you accept your rate and proceed with your application, we do another (hard) credit inquiry that will impact your credit score. If you take out a loan, repayment information will be reported to the credit bureaus.

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