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How to Negotiate a Job Offer

CEO Dave Girouard shares his insights on how both startups and larger companies think about the hiring and negotiating process.

How to Hire Better

Rather than tell you what type of person you should hire, this article will focus on the tactics that can help you hire those people more effectively.

Paul Joins Tech Leaders on British Airways Inaugural Inflight Hack

Every day, about 4.5 million people travel by air globally. What if all those passengers and all that travel time was used to explore and solve international innovation challenges?

Immigrants and Innovation: The White House Honors Our Co-Founder as ‘Champion of Change’

We are so proud of our co-founder, Anna Mongayt, who was recently recognized by the White House as an exemplary immigrant innovator at a “Champions of Change” event, and received the Outstanding American By Choice award!

OKRs and Projects: How We Set Goals at Upstart

One challenge every company faces is how to set goals and measure success.

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