Shefali Kumar Friesen

Shefali Kumar Friesen

Founder, producer, NYU Music Technology graduate
New York City

Résumé Highlights

Release of first iOS app
July 4th 2012
On the 4th of July, the Emotitones iOS app went live. It was gratifying and scary, but in the end, very much like releasing a song. People will only give it a try if you tell them about it. Marketing is so important.
Selected for Hong Kong Cyberport incubator
March 15th 2012
I applied to a selective entrepreneurship program out of Hong Kong's technology park called Cyberport. We were awarded an office, funding, and mentorship. The first 6 months of the program have been amazing.
NYU masters thesis defense
May 2011
Defending my thesis was both a nerve-wracking and invaluable experience. I put in 100% effort and in the end, it gave me the confidence needed to continue building Emotitones (written thesis is attached below).
Music releases reach top 25 on Billboard chart
November 2009 to January 2010
Collaborations in 2009 lead to two different singles going to #22 and #23 on the Billboard Dance chart. In one song I wrote and sang vocals, and on the other, I was a remixer.

Why Upstart

With the help and support I will be able to do the following:

1) Make bigger strides with Emotitones by making further improvements to the existing platform, implementing a global solution, expanding into the android market, as well as marketing the web and mobile apps.
2) Complete production of solo album, as well as have a modest budget for marketing and promotions.
3) Continue my education in web and mobile development as to better serve all projects.
4) File for continuation on existing patent application as well as applying for new patents.