Shanaz Chowdhery

Shanaz Chowdhery

First generation college graduate from Yale
New Haven, Connecticut

Résumé Highlights

Peer Liaison for International Students
April 2012 to Present
I'm a Peer Liaison for the Yale Visiting International Students Progarm. I mentor students from Hong Kong, Mexico, & Singapore, helping with everything from choosing classes to navigating the social scene.
Tutor at Urban Improvement Corps
Fall 2009-Present
I've tutored and mentored since I was in middle school, both formally and informally. The Urban Improvement Corps is just one example. There, I tutor New Haven students in math, reading, & writing.
Student Council President
Summer 2011
In the Summer of 2011, I was elected to become the Student Council President for the 2011 International Summer School at the University of Oslo. I represented 600 students from 97 countries.
Associate Editor for Law Review
Spring 2011 to Fall 2012
I was an associate editor for the Yale Undergraduate Law Review from Spring 2011 to Fall 2012. My work included writing articles, editing other's articles, fact-checking, researching and identifying new leads.

Why Upstart

In November 2012, I accepted an offer to join the Teach for America 2013 Corps and next year, I will be teaching secondary mathematics in the Washington D.C. region. I want to use the money to pay for classroom materials and expenses during my two years teaching. While teaching is a salaried position, school districts often offer very little funding for classroom materials, and after talking with current members, I also know that Teach for America's transitional funding is minimal. The costs of teaching certification, travel for training and interviews, classroom supplies, post-graduation relocation and start-up expenses quickly add up; funding from Upstart will make this transition much smoother.

I will also use the additional money to pay off my student loans from college, pay for the law school application process (LSAT and application fees, travel for interviews), and prepare to pay for law school tuition and living expenses. I would also consider using a small amount of the money to travel. I've only left the country once, and there's a whole world out there waiting to be explored.