Rachel Honeth Kim

Rachel Honeth Kim

Former Googler and Harvard MBA
San Francisco, CA

Résumé Highlights

Senior Manager, Marketing
Bleacher Report, Nov '11-Present
Manage all aspects of consumer marketing from brand positioning to creative execution and everything in between.
Product Manager
Zynga, July '11-Nov '11
Member of launch team for Words with Friends on Facebook. Responsible for feature development and analysis.
Account Manager
Google, July '06-July'09
Led a team of four in managing $19 million of advertising revenue per quarter. Recipient of the prestigious "Gold Award" given quarterly to top performers.

Career Plans

What are your career plans?

As I look ahead, I know I'm finally ready to start my own company. I'm at a great place where I have the necessary skills, the right mentors, and the support system to do it. I'm thrilled to have finally decided to take the next step, and I'm really excited about setting off on my own. I will be starting an e-commerce nail art company.

Why Upstart

It's time to start my own company. It's something that I've wanted to do for a very long time, and now is the perfect time to take the risk. I am going to bootstrap this new venture as long as I can because I'd prefer to control as much equity as I can. The money I raise on Upstart will go directly to my startup, NailedKit.com, a revolutionary e-commerce platform for nail art. Nail art is very popular right now and nail polish sales are at an all time high: $728M in 2012, up 32% year over year. If I want to be successful, I need to act quickly to capitalize on this trend. Based on my initial research, I believe I need about 6 months to launch a working prototype. In the meantime, I still have lots of MBA debt, rent and other bills to pay. The only thing holding me back is knowing I'll take a big financial hit in the near term to realize my dream. Upstart will allow me the opportunity to focus 100% of my effort on this new venture and give me the capital required to launch this business.