Income Share Agreement

Being an entrepreneur is a rush, but sometimes you don’t know where your next paycheck is coming from. Whether you’re starting a business, writing a book, or training for competition, you need people who believe in you. With an income share agreement, you receive money today, and repay it as a small and fixed fraction of your income for 5 years.

Flexible Payments

Because you repay based on what you earn, the income share agreement is designed to be affordable at all times. Each agreement includes the following protections.


If you earn below a threshold amount, you make no payments in that year (your threshold is about half of what our model expects you to earn). For years without payment, a year is added the end of your agreement, up to a maximum of 5 additional years.

Cap on Payments

The most you can repay is 3X the amount that you raise. But you’d need to earn at least 250% of what our model expects to hit this cap. So if you’re the next Mark Zuckerberg, you won’t be paying back millions.

Backers Invest in You. Literally.

Your funding comes from individuals who choose to invest in you personally. Their returns are based on your overall success and not tied to a specific idea, project, or business. Our backers often choose to serve as advisors or mentors to their upstarts - offering introductions, guidance, and the occasional cheer from the sidelines.


Getting Started

Check Your Rate

Your funding rate is the amount of money you can raise for each 1% of income you share, and is based on our proprietary statistical model. It’s quick and easy to check your rate without commitment.

Complete Your Profile

Your profile includes your academic and work history, your intended use of funds, and why you’re joining Upstart. Our team can help you fine tune your profile before you publish.

Verify Your Information

We need to verify your citizenship, educational background, and work experience next. Having relevant documents available (passport or birth certificate, transcripts, job offers, current W2s, and SAT scores) can speed this process up.

Publish Your Profile

When your profile is ready, you choose how much to raise, based on your needs and funding rate. You can share up to 7% of your income. Each profile has a 30-day funding period, during which backers can make offers to you.

Receive Funds

If you reach our minimum funding amount of $10,000, you can accept the money at anytime. You have up to 7 days to decide (or 30 days if used for educational purposes). If you accept funding, Upstart charges a one-time fee of 3% of the amount you raised.

Repay as You Earn

We collect your monthly payments based on your self-reported income and distribute the proper portions to your backers. We validate your income annually based on your tax returns.


Jeremy Glapion

Upstart money will go exclusively to paying off my student loan debt allowing me to take more risk as I begin my law career.

Melanie Plageman

Traveling to Kenya and joining the vibrant startup community there was an incredible learning opportunity for me. Upstart made that possible.

Shefali Kumar Friesen

One of my immediate goals with Upstart funding was to become self-sufficient technically. I enrolled in the General Assembly’s 12 week course and in the end became a full-stack Rails developer.

Nathan Sharp

Upstart gave me the breathing room to start my own company. In the long run, I hope to use the learning and financial autonomy that I achieve through entrepreneurship to enter the policy arena in my home state.