Bradley Horowitz

Bradley Horowitz

Vice President at Google

Bradley oversees Product Management for the Google+ Project. Previously at Google he’s led the product teams for GMail, Google Voice, Google Talk, Orkut, Google Docs, etc. Before joining Google, he founded and led Yahoo's advanced development division, which developed new products such as Yahoo! Pipes, and drove the acquisition of products such as Flickr and MyBlogLog. Previously, he was Co-Founder and CTO of Virage, where he oversaw the technical direction of the company from its founding through its IPO and eventual acquisition by Autonomy.

Be patient and believe in yourself.

Letter to Myself at 20

Dear self... you’re a relatively late bloomer, and that’s perfectly ok. Take the next ten years to really soak up all you can. You’re surrounded by so much opportunity - don’t miss a moment. There will come a time when everything you experience will serve you in some hard to imagine way. Have faith and confidence in yourself. Don’t be intimidated by anyone or anything. Trust your gut. Savor every moment!