Personal Information Chart - Loan

Your loan listing will not be visible publicly on However, registered investors will see most of your listing except for your name, address, email address, date of birth, and social security number. Please be sure to review the chart below for more detail.
Visible publicly on Visible to registered investors Private
First and last name X
Address X
Date of birth X
Phone number X
Social security number X
Bank account information X
Education X
Employment history X
Income X
Expenses X
Dependents X
Funding terms X
Date of credit check X
Credit score range X
Delinquent amount X
Earliest credit line X
Delinquencies X
Months since last delinquency X
Open credit lines X
Total credit lines X
Public records on file X
Months since last major derogatory public record X
Revolving line utilization X
Inquiries in past 6 months X
Collections balance excluding medical X
Accounts now delinquent X