As of

Datetime in PT that the data snapshot represents. All loan events known on or prior to this datetime are incorporated into the snapshot.

  • as-of
    • loans

As of Date

Date representation of data snapshot in the format YYYY-MM-DD. The snapshost will include all loan events known on or before 11:59PM PT for the associated date.

  • as-of-date
    • loans

Bankruptcy Chapter

Chapter of bankruptcy that the user filed for

  • bankruptcy-chapter
    • loans

Bankruptcy Date

Date the user filed for bankruptcy as reported to Upstart

  • bankruptcy-date
    • loans

Borrower Fees Remitted

Amount of fees that have been remitted by the user

  • borrower-fees-remitted
    • loans

Borrower Fees Unpaid

Fees assessed on the loan which have not yet been paid

  • borrower-fees-unpaid
    • loans

Charged Off Amount

Total outstanding obligation including principal, interest, and fees at the moment of charge off. This does not include any repayments, settlements or collections post charge off

  • charged-off-amount
    • loans

Charged Off Date

Date when loan was charged off

  • charged-off-date
    • loans

Charged Off Interest

Amount of interest charged off

  • charged-off-interest
    • loans

Charged Off Principal

Amount of principal charged off

  • charged-off-principal
    • loans

Charged Off Reason

Reason for which the loan was charged off

  • charged-off-reason
    • loans

Contractual Monthly Payment Amount

User's monthly payment obligation as per their executed promissory note

  • contractual-monthly-payment-amount
    • loans

Creditor Name

Investor of the loan

  • creditor-name
    • loans

Creditor Ownership Start Date

Current creditor loan ownership start date

  • creditor-ownership-start-date
    • loans

Creditor Purchase Price

Price the current creditor paid for the loan. For fractional loans, this is the purchase price paid by Upstart Network Trust.

  • purchase-price
    • loans

Days Past Due

Numbers of days that have passed since the oldest payment date not fully paid off

  • days-past-due
    • loans

Debt Settlement Acceptance Date

Date on which the user accepts that the debt settlement agreement and the agreement goes into effect

  • debt-settlement-acceptance-date
    • loans

Debt Settlement Agreement Date

Date on which the debt settlement was agreed between creditor and customer

  • debt-settlement-agreement-date
    • loans

Debt Settlement Amount

Amount which the user needs to pay after agreeing to the debt settlement agreement in order to satisfy their debt obligation under the terms of the debt settlement

  • debt-settlement-amount
    • loans

Amount which the user has paid after entering a debt settlement agreement. This field will be nil for "in process" and "voided" debt settlements. This amount will be 0 for breached settlements.

  • debt-settlement-amount-paid
    • loans

Debt Settlement Breached Date

Date on which the debt settlement agreement was breached by user

  • debt-settlement-breached-date
    • loans

Debt Settlement Completed Date

Date the debt settlement agreement terms were completed

  • debt-settlement-completed-date
    • loans

Debt Settlement Flag

Whether user is in debt settlement (Y/N)

  • debt-settlement-flag
    • loans

Debt Settlement Status

Status of the settlement agreement between user and creditor. Example values are "in_process", "in_settlement," "settled_in_full," or "breached"

  • debt-settlement-status
    • loans

Interest Rate

User's current interest rate

  • interest-rate
    • loans

Interest Remitted

Amount of interest remitted

  • interest-remitted
    • loans

Issuing Bank Name

Name of the bank that issued funds to the borrower at loan origination

  • issuing-bank-name
    • loans

Creditor's legal entity name

  • legal-entity-name
    • loans

Loan ID

Unique alphanumeric loan identifier assigned at origination

  • loan-id
    • loans

Loan Modified Flag

Indicates if the loan has been modified (Yes/No). Modifications could include skipping payments, reducing payments, or extending the loan term. Interest rate modifications due to SCRA eligibility are excluded.

  • loan-modified-flag
    • loans

Loan Status

Status of the loan (for example current, matured, charged_off, in_grace, delinquent, partially_charged_off, deferred)

  • loan-status
    • loans

Loan Term

Number of months in the life of the loan

  • loan-term
    • loans

Matured Date

Date the loan matured based on the effective payment date for the final payment

  • matured-date
    • loans

Next Scheduled Due Date

Date the next payment, principal or interest is due. For delinquent loans, this well be in the past.

  • next-scheduled-due-date
    • loans

Origination Date

Date the loan originated

  • origination-date
    • loans

Origination Principal

Amount of money borrowed under the terms of the note. Equal to the amount the borrower received plus origination charges

  • origination-principal
    • loans

Outstanding Principal Remitted

Amount of principal outstanding based on principal payments remitted. If the loan has been charged off, this will be zero.

  • outstanding-principal-remitted
    • loans

Partially Charged Off Date

Date loan was partially charged off (does not include fully charged off loans)

  • partially-charged-off-date
    • loans

Payment Frequency

Frequency of payments required as indicated in promissory note

  • payment-frequency
    • loans

Principal Remitted

Total amount of principal remitted

  • principal-remitted
    • loans

Recovery Remitted

Total amount of payments allocated to recovery. All payments that are effective after a loan is charged off are allocated to recovery.

  • recovery-remitted
    • loans

Remaining Term

Number of months remaining until the loan matures. This figure is represented in decimal format, rounded to two decimals

  • remaining-term
    • loans

Risk Grade

Upstart defined risk grade assigned to loan

  • risk-grade
    • loans

SCRA Modified Flag

Whether the user's interest rate has been modified after being approved for SCRA interest rate relief (Yes/No)

  • scra-modified-flag
    • loans

Unpaid Accrued Interest

Amount of interest accrued and has not been paid. This balance is $0 on origination date and starts accruing the following calendar day at midnight.

  • unpaid-accrued-interest
    • loans