Michael Lock

Michael Lock

25 Year Veteran of Enterprise IT Industry

Google, Oracle, IBM, plus 6 years of Startups
Mobile, cloud, Social enthusiast
Proud Baseball and Drama Dad
Canadian born; New American Citizen

Huge Sports Fan. SF Giants, Montreal Canadiens and (sigh) Cleveland Browns.

Letter to Myself at 20

The world will change faster than you can imagine. What you know to be true today, is likely to be false tomorrow. Keep learning, adapting and changing. There will be failure and setbacks, more than you can imagine; there will be good luck and bad luck. Keep going forward always and never give up. No matter what you choose to do, give it your full effort every minute of every day of every month and even if you fail to succeed , make sure that you can say " I have done my very, very best".

San Mateo, CA