Vincent Lucero

Vincent Lucero

Googler and University of Washington graduate
San Francisco, CA

Résumé Highlights

Product Quality Associate @ Google
I help make the world a little safer on Google+.
Intern @ PricewaterhouseCoopers
I worked with PwC's technology clients to improve process efficiency and analyzed projects.
Policy Enforcement @ Microsoft's Xbox Live
2008 to 2010
I helped clean up the bad guys on Xbox Live.
Founder of Electronic Entertainment Club
2007 to 2008
I started a club that connected students with resources in the gaming industry.

Why Upstart

Upstart will allow my team and I to more quickly assemble and execute on our business strategies. We already have solid financial models and business strategies; however, the capital and experience that our backers can provide will be instrumental in moving forward.

The primary use of the money will be for: artwork, marketing, software, and music.

Your connections and advice as a backer will allow us to gain recognition more quickly and bring on the best talent possible, while also providing our customers with an unsurpassed, immersive gaming experience.