Val Gui

Val Gui

Finalist in U of M 1000 pitches competition
Ann Arbor, MI

Résumé Highlights

Started HangTrend, putting my experience of business development to good use. Also learned about product validation, customer feedback and dove deep into programming.
Victory Automotive Group
Director of Business Development with 11 stores and ~$450M under direct management. Developed my sales skills, learned about employee management and the importance of training.
Bond Consulting Group
Project Manager leading a team of 6 on various consulting projects for local Ann Arbor businesses.
Backpacking Europe
Summer 2008
Learned about the kindness of strangers and the beauty of culture.

Why Upstart

The money I raise will allow me to continue working on HangTrend full-time. I will be able to extend my personal runway as I balance my expenses with the Upstart funding. I would like to further develop my technical skills by teaching myself more advanced programming such as PHP and Ruby on Rails. I can apply this skill-set to HangTrend now and the experience will make me more marketable as a businessman with solid technical skills in the future. By not having to take freelance jobs in order to stay afloat financially, I can dedicate myself to developing my proficiency in entrepreneurship and programming much more quickly, leading to successful outcomes sooner. Developing the entrepreneurship and technical skills will also allow me to evaluate and pursue other projects at the conclusion of my involvement with HangTrend.