Stephanie Usry

Stephanie Usry

University of California graduate and aspiring entrepreneur
San Francisco

Résumé Highlights

Sales & Production Manager, HotelTonight
I manage and develop the business development process and the new partner on boarding system. I’m the hub for communication internally and am challenged to develop new processes as we grow.
Interviewing and Couchsurfing across Europe
Instead of taking a job right after graduation, I bounced across Europe interviewing alumni for UCSD, visiting friends for a place to stay, and in the end I worked the vendemmia at an Italian agrotourismo.
Consultant - Global CONNECT
My first foray into the innovation economy and a job that made me direct my path toward start ups and San Francisco. I interviewed, researched, and analyzed the social side of the innovative economy in San Diego.
Car Wreck.
1-month sedation, 2 months bed rest, and a blood clot removed from my brain after I was ejected from my car-a total freak accident. I went back to school to rebuild my life that spring quarter with struggles & pain.

Why Upstart

First and foremost the funds will go to paying off debt; nearly $4,000 in medical bill debt from a near fatal car wreck that my insurance did not cover. More importantly it will cover my educational debt, which is due to private student loans with large monthly payments. While I find value in the experiences that caused my debt, I want my success to be what helps me pay back my backers one day. I believe Upstart has a unique opportunity to change the dialogue on educational funding by investing in individuals' potential rather than funding and requiring payment blindly. With freedom from debt I can attend technology events such as Ted Talks or take off a month to be a student of App Academy, or even have a little less fear about leaving my job when an idea I have turns out to be the thing I want to do with my life. These are things that I cannot currently afford to do because of my debt. I believe that having the freedom from worrying about my ability to pay off my debt will give me the freedom of mind to jump into the opportunities that my curiosity so regularly inspires.