Paul Gu

Paul Gu

Peter Thiel Fellow and Yale student
Palo Alto, CA

Résumé Highlights

Fall, 2011
I gained startup and product experience by building and beta-testing a web app with both consumer and business users.
Equities Trading
2011 - 2012
I built an automated statistical trading strategy using IB. It has made 194 day-trades with an average annualized Sharpe of 2.03 after fees.
CFO of the Elmseed Enterprise Fund, a New Haven microlender. Co-founded the Arizona Microcredit Initiative.
D.E. Shaw
Summer, 2011
Over a summer, I had the opportunity to assess the risk of the company's multibillion dollar portfolio using RiskMetrics, Python and Excel.

Why Upstart

I’m an economics person and I appreciate a financial instrument that more efficiently allocates risk when I see one. In pursuing new ideas, I am and will continue to take risks in my life. Upstart helps me to manage that risk by shifting money that I would have made ‘on the safe path’ into my bank account ‘on the risky path’ so that I can worry less about the inevitable rainy days and bumpy steps that come with taking the road less traveled.