Netonia Marshall

Netonia Marshall

Columbia PhD candidate and Princeton graduate
Somerset, NJ

Résumé Highlights

Co-founder of tYger eYe
COO and President of tYger eYe, a 21st century education start-up that aims to provide software and web applications to address gaps in the American educational system.
Independent Thesis Work
Uncovered novel gene-environment interactions that are associated with increased risk for ADHD and ADHD behaviors.
Research Apprenticeship
Spring, 2006
Over the spring semester, I was granted my first opportunity to work in a molecular biology lab and was first exposed to genetic manipulation techniques.
Science Teacher and Tutor
I have spent the last seven years teaching science and its importance to students.

Why Upstart

I plan to use part of the money to fund the engineering of the online tutoring platform and, later, an innovative science curriculum. We have been fortunate to contract an expert software developer and coder to develop our platform; we are currently fundraising to pay the contract. Simultaneously, we are collaborating with curriculum experts to cultivate innovative science curriculum and more efficient methods for teaching science.

The rest of the money, I plan to use to fundraise and buy equipment and laboratory space to begin testing and developing my biomedical science proposal, drawing from the extensive background that I have in translational research, genetic engineering, project planning, and research.