Michael Olorunnisola

Michael Olorunnisola

University of Pennsylvania graduate
Ewing, NJ

Résumé Highlights

Web Development
I've been teaching myself HTML, CSS, and PHP to begin developing the web page for the company since it was difficult finding other web developers
Nigeria Visits
December 2008 & November 2012
Traveled to Nigeria for family events, and spoke with teachers and professors and government officials regarding the current status of education in parts of Nigeria
Ghabrial Drosophila Lab
Worked with postdoctoral and graduate students in their various research projects and maintained the lab resources.
CHOP Emergency Department
Me and a few other academic associates screened and consented patients for 16 concurrently running time-sensitive studies. Worked with various MD's in patient analysis and study enrollment.

Why Upstart

With the money I will raise, I will first pay off my loans so I can focus full-time on my venture and realize my goals. Then, I will hire the legal services we will need for the company. After hiring these services, I will then rent a cost-effective space in Philadelphia to serve as our office. With this space we will then have the ability to hire paid and unpaid interns from many of the universities in the area to help our service grow. From there we will use the remaining funds for our marketing campaign to different institutions across the nation. We will then provide our inaugural class of professors with the resources necessary to create great content for students and professors across the world. Finally we will seek out profitable partnerships globally beginning in Africa and forge necessary partnerships to make a true knowledge collective.