Matthew London

Matthew London

NYU graduate, professional author & journalist
New York, NY

Résumé Highlights

Film Production
Active film and video editor in the New York industry -- focused on documentary narrative and documentary advertising.
Clarion Workshop
Was chosen to attend the renowned "incubator" for science fiction and fantasy authors, which has generated dozens of award winners and bestsellers.
The Story Room
Designed a live-action point-and-click adventure game, where audience members explore a mysterious room with a flashlight, and the room speaks to them.
Video Paper Dolls
Filmed and programmed an interactive video dressing room where users could swap forty-seven different outfits on a live model, with colorful commentary from the model on each combination.

Why Upstart

People have more ways to access media than ever before -- computers and the internet have been great equalizers to the entertainment industry. What used to be possible only with a large media conglomerate can now be done by someone with an iPhone. I want to create a platform that offers forms of entertainment that are uniquely suited to the Internet Age. Fiction that can be read on a lunch break. Micro-episodic television. The term "webisode" is somewhat uninspiring, but if we treated this form with the respect and budget of a major network series, it could transcend the constraints of old media and exist in a form that fits with the way people in the 21st Century want to consume their entertainment. The key is to treat this platform not like a social media site, like Youtube or Vimeo, or even Penguin's Book Country, but as a studio, that is highly selective, and develops only superior content.

My own art would be part of this. I want to be a producer as well as a distributor. Support from Upstart would allow me to dedicate the time and energy to my writing, animation, and game design.