Matthew Kulp

Matthew Kulp

Graduated magna cum laude from RISD
Providence, R.I.

Résumé Highlights

National Field (Washington, D.C.)
Developed various websites and applications to be intuitive and attractive. Deepened knowledge of code. Practiced agile software development methods. Experienced mid-level start-up first hand.
Studio Nitzan Cohen (Munich, Germany)
Summer 2011
Worked on a variety of products and installations for influential brands. Observed the best and worst parts of design in European and American markets. Realized opportunities for more design-centered companies.
DBA Co. & Ransmeier Inc. (New York, NY)
Summer 2010
Produced office products that emphasized domestic manufacturing and ecologicaI materials. Learned the weakness of an all-designer team and the attractive power of simple and intuitive-to-use products.
Take a Break (Providence, RI)
Designed and executed unique artistic events. Engaged consumers with gamified promotion. Purposefully affected culture. Implemented tools for project management. Built a sustainable organization.

Why Upstart

I will use the money to achieve the aforementioned short-term goals. It should get us to investment and onto a solvent business model.
First, I will pay down a large chunk (if not all) of my college loans. I have $27,000 in total.
Next, my 2 partners and I will move into a rent free situation with family. While there, we will make a plan, gain advisors (of which we have one so far) and prototype products. At this stage, Upstart money will cover some living expenses but mostly prototyping costs. Figuring this cost is dependent on a business plan and thus, highly speculative. However, in the first two months I should spend no less than $3,000. Over the following 3 months, prototyping could easily exceed $10,000.
When we have something worth showing, we will ask our backers and other advisors to connect us with potential investors. When we believe investment capital is in the pipeline, we will use what's left of the Upstart money to move into a proper office and begin to grow.