Luke Shuffield

Luke Shuffield

Duke graduate and former analyst for Avascent Group
Durham, North Carolina

Résumé Highlights

The Avascent Group
Summer 2012
As a summer analyst at a D.C. strategy consulting firm that specializes in aerospace & defense clients, I honed my analytical skills and learned more about the intersection of government and business.
Mock Trial National Champions!
Spring 2012
As the only non-Senior attorney on the "A-team," I helped lead Duke to its first ever college mock trial title. Out of over 600 teams nationwide, we proved that we were the best. It was a fantastic feeling.
Americans Elect
Spring 2012
I was part of an online direct-nomination initiative that garnered national attention when we racked up ballot access in states across the country. The group chose me to represent them on the local news!
Fall 2011
As an intern for Fareed Zakaria's talk show, I was able to participate directly in the discussion of foreign affairs . I published an article that was placed on CNN's front page and received over 10,000 views.

Why Upstart

We're a curious generation, us Millenials. My childhood, like that of so many of my peers, was spent climbing trees and scraping up my knees, but my adolescence was rocked by the reality-changing power of the Web. Since then, we've watched more and more of our technologies de-monetize and condense into our smartphones. Soon, those technologies will be even further integrated into our daily experience with all kinds of new interfaces. I want to be on the edge of our exponential development as a species, and to do that, I need to get started NOW. I'd love to be able to learn and plan and think without worrying about my student loans, my rent, and my financial security more generally. In addition to the incredible mentorship opportunities with well-connected professionals, Upstart funding would allow me to focus on my passions 100% and would give me some freedom to begin to build a business. Ideally, I'd eventually like to attend Singularity University, and both the connections and money from Upstart would make this possible.