Laura Shumaker

Laura Shumaker

MIT mechanical engineering graduate
San Mateo, California

Résumé Highlights

Mechanical Engineer and project lead
June 2012 - current
I am a mechanical engineer at Alloy Product Development (a design consultancy in San Francisco) - our specialty is data-driven engineering.
Graduated from MIT
June 2012
And I miss that crazy place already.
System Integrator for Senior Design Project
August - December 2011
Organized and drove team of 12 students forward to complete an alpha prototype of a thermal management system for wheelchair users.
Engineering Intern for iPad PD
June - August 2011
Second professional experience in product development. My summer's work there is now coming to fruition in a patent filing.

Why Upstart

The money I raise will help me buy materials, and tools or services, like rapid prototyped parts, that will let me test and build my product concepts. This way, I can lengthen my personal budget for product development and bring an idea to market. Whether that idea is a climbing shoe or a more robust tablet, I plan on building until one of these ideas succeeds.

Equally importantly, I seek guidance from anyone who has already started their own business, shipped a product, or has conceptual input. As a backer, if you have something to share, that's as valuable to me as any financial pledge.