Kirk Portas

Kirk Portas

Yale Graduate and founder of technology consulting firm
New York City

Résumé Highlights

Founder/CTO at Atto
- Plan, design and develop web products. - Project lead generation and sales. - Manage development teams.
Engineer at G2 Systems / GFT
- Built portfolio reporting software in C# for hedge funds. - Performed Advent Geneva upgrades for major banks. - G2 team acquired by GFT in Fall 2011.
Analyst at Prometheus Research
Summer 2009
- Modeled database structures for Autism research. - Wrote python scripts to manage data. - Trained clients in use of firm's software.
Previous Work
Before 2009
- Market research at SSS in Shanghai. - Cafe manager & Student tech at Yale. - Construction sales & management in Louisiana.

Why Upstart

Taking Upstart money will give me latitude in how I select projects for my company.
After 2 years of consulting work I am in a strong position to begin building my own products. I'm working on some internally and am taking partial equity compensation in client projects I believe in. Working toward this is the right choice, but it does potentially raise cashflow and personal income risk in the short-term.

Liquidity gives a peace of mind, letting me select more comfortably the risks I plan to take, and will help me get my work done.