Jordan Elpern Waxman

Jordan Elpern Waxman

Wharton MBA and Brown University graduate
New York, NY

Résumé Highlights

Beer Dreamer Culinary Beer Club Launches
June 2013
Beer Dreamer delivers perfectly paired selections of craft beer and artisanal food, beautifully packaged with artfully composed guides and educational content for a complete experience.
Founder, Beer Dreamer
Took the leap and created Beer Dreamer, with the vision of enabling anyone to experience the best of craft beer without having to become a beer geek or navigate thousands of bottles.
Senior Associate, Genacast Ventures
Early-stage technology VC. Loved working with startups and entrepreneurs so much I had to become one.
Director, Corp Dev, Headstrong
Led Health Care and Buy-Side verticals M&A for IT services company. Learned that I want to be part of building businesses, not buying them.
Israeli Defense Forces
Awarded Outstanding Soldier in basic training by peer vote.

Why Upstart

I jumped headfirst into starting my company and have accumulated high amounts of financial obligations between school loans and business debt. Accruing interest and making monthly payments misaligned with my current income is hugely distracting from building a startup. The Upstart investment will make it possible for me to retire this debt with a small cushion left over so that I can continue to focus on my company, Beer Dreamer. As craft beer's popularity has soared, so has its complexity, sometimes to an intimidating level. My dream is to make the best craft beer accessible to anyone, encouraging the finest brewing artisanship to continue in a virtuous circle. Your investment in me will eliminate distraction and help me achieve my goals. All of my backers will receive a Beer Dreamer holiday package as a token of my appreciation.