Jim Liu

Jim Liu

Yale graduate and non-profile founder
New Haven, CT

Résumé Highlights

Microsoft Windows Product Planning
Summer 2012
Investigated the teens segment. Made recommendations of how to drive adoption and usage in that audience for Windows.
Social Commerce Inc.
Summer 2011
Worked on launching a location based mobile app with one of my best friends. Learned the hard way the importance of pushing out a MVP right away to get feedback and validate the concept.
Lucid 360 Innovation Brand Consulting
Summer 2010
Learned how to do consumer research and read between the lines for latent needs.
Built the organization from the ground up with people who became some of my best friends in college. Improved the quality of our services and scaled to another campus.

Why Upstart

I will use the money help me build a skillset that will enable me to launch a new product. Funding can buy me classes, books, time to practice.