Jack Dean

Jack Dean

University of Michigan graduate and AP Scholar
Houston, TX

Résumé Highlights

ALLEX Program Participant - Air Liquide
2011- 2012
The first business major (most are engineers) to enroll in this two year, 4 rotation program. I was promoted to a full time position after 10 months in the program.
Summer Intern - Air Liquide
I worked with commercial managers, accounting and tax departments, plant managers, and senior management during the summer. I communicated effectively with people of various ages and positions.
U of Michigan Outdoor Adventures
Lead three trips over the course of three years with OA. Worked at the school's climbing gym where I taught both safety skills and technical rock climbing skills.
Outdoor Leadership Training
Went on several leadership training courses. Learned about the power of leading by example, grasping of technical knowledge, and attitude when leading a group.

Why Upstart

I have several ideas for positive impact businesses where I would like to apply this money. I am currently working with several other Michigan graduates (one of which is in the midst of earning his second Master's from UofM) on a home or office energy usage monitoring system which will enable energy consumers to better understand/mitigate their energy use. The same group is also brainstorming market outlets for a solar fabric which can be woven into textiles to give them photovoltaic capabilities, an idea currently in the second round of the Michigan Clean Energy Venture Competition. Additionally, I have considered creating a replicable farming "franchise" to sell quality food to franchise restaurants, bicycle share networks that manage inventory by pricing like electricity grids, and a sustainable brewery/restaurant that provides in-house brewed beer and grown food. This capital would allow me to move back to Michigan to work more closely with my teammates as well as focus my time and energy on creating these enterprises.