Glenn Stegall

Glenn Stegall

University of Georgia graduate and former mayoral candidate
Douglas, Ga

Résumé Highlights

Project Manager
June 2011 - March 2012
Intelligence software... I trained police departments and private security firms around the country. We offered a cloud-based solution to help them utilize social media to investigate & prevent criminal activity.
2010 Candidate for Mayor- Athens, GA
March, 2009- Nov, 2010
Recognized as the youngest candidate for mayor in Athens, Georgia history. I received about 1000 votes, raised over $13,000, and registered over 1500 people to vote within two months. Managed 8 interns...
Social Media Campaign Manager
May, 2011
I organized an innovative online social media campaign using Facebook PPC advertising. Results: 1000s of new users, 500 transactions, and over 90k impressions within 3 days. ($300 Budget)
Website Designer
Started in 2007 at age 17 -- Created websites for several small businesses with paying customers over five years later.

Why Upstart

The money will be used to help expand my digital advertising company. My company installs and operates digital advertising displays in high traffic areas. Many businesses in this area are looking for innovative ways to advertise. Currently the local newspaper and shopper are their only options. I have created a cheaper and more effective alternative that reaches more people. Over the last 2 months, I have acquired about $24,000 a year in paying customers in one small town. Part of the funds I raise will be used to purchase more equipment. It currently costs $300-$400 to set up new locations. I have plans to set up at least 50 new locations within the next 90 days, with a goal of reaching over 100k people per week (in 6 nearby cities). I also plan to use $1200 per month or less for 3 months to pay for basic living expenses. This will help me pay my student loans and other basic living expenses without having to find a second job. My aunt and uncle are ready for me to move out, so the pressure is on...