Cynthia Salim

Cynthia Salim

Rotary Scholar and former McKinsey consultant
New York, NY

Résumé Highlights

Ethical Clothing Line
Moved to NY to build an ethical clothing line. Creating high quality suits and professional wear for young women under the highest labor and environmental standards.
United Nations and McKinsey
Worked in human rights advocacy at the UN in Geneva, Switzerland, became fluent in French, and received an offer to join McKinsey as a management consultant.
King's College London
Got a dream MA in Human Values and Contemporary Global Ethics as a Rotary Scholar and spoke to over 35 audiences on business ethics and social change.
Loyola Marymount University
Started a nonprofit in education, led the LA Living Wage campaign, studied social entrepreneurship, and received 4 leadership awards and the Women's Herstory Award for thought leadership.

Why Upstart

I’ve curated an all-star team of fashion industry veterans and forward-thinking talent to the ethical clothing line I’m building, and this seed money will help me launch it. I’m confident that my instinct is on the mark—that ethical businesses will lead the way—and capital from Upstart will help me pursue my iconoclastic vision. We are also one of the first brands to design high-quality suits and professional wear for young women, which is just as important to our vision as our ethical business identity. Filling this gap in the market will help women in seemingly superficial but very real ways—it helps them look the part while reflecting the values of their generation. As an ethical business, our values guide us in all our decision-making. We vet our producers for the highest labor standards; third party audited and "instinct-checked" for their commitment to decent working conditions. We don't use models that look too thin. We work with suppliers that employ people in marginalized communities. We use environmentally sustainable materials. And we're sparking a movement.