Chris Mathews

Chris Mathews

University of Washington graduate working for Microsoft
Seattle, WA

Résumé Highlights

Capstone and Alvarium Networks
September 2011 - Present
My capstone team designed and built a system to secure files on a corporate network. We won an award for commercial potential and have since founded Alvarium Networks. We are currently seeking funding.
Cyber Security Intern at Sandia Labs
Summer 2011
Developed a tool to help security analysts analyze network traffic using the latest big data technology. Through this internship I learned more about the dire state of cyber defense and potential remedies.
Founded Play for Good Consulting
January 2011 - June 2011
Started a company to help non-profits use gaming psychology to drive user engagement and donations using student analysts, researchers and designers from UW's Business and Information Schools.
Supply Chain Assurance Intern at Cisco
Summer 2010
Learned a lot about corporate supply chain and information security needs during an internship at Cisco on a team that used cryptographic means to verify the authenticity of their products.

Why Upstart

My senior capstone team and I created a system to better secure files and data secured on a corporate network by encrypting the individual files, splitting them up into chunks, an distributing them across devices on a network (servers, cloud services, workstations, etc). If a hacker wants to gain access to even one of the files, they must compromise many different devices and services instead of just one or two file servers. During our capstone time, we developed a prototype called Hive, winning an award for commercial potential and are now launching a business (Alvarium Networks) from that project. We've since earned the legal backing of Fenwick & West and are nearing the completion of a more feature-complete demo of Hive while building out our business plan. If I receive funding from Upstart backers, I will use it to invest some initial capital into Alvarium Networks and pay my own personal expenses for one year as we continue to seek funding and build out our product.