Brodie Yastrum

Brodie Yastrum

Valedictorian and first generation college graduate
Seattle, WA

Résumé Highlights

Account Manager,
After two years at as a finance intern, I took this role to challenge to myself. I'm learning a ton, while helping to manage the relationships between Kindle and physical retailers like Best Buy.
Genius Delivery
Will allow customers to browse the aisles of their favorite local stores, just as if they were there; add anything they see on the shelves to their cart; and have those items delivered to their door.
Financial Analyst Intern,
I spent nine months in consumables and over a year in Kindle's offline retail business. I planned and launched a mentor-buddy program, and am the only intern to have served on the intern program management team.
Web Developer
I started designing websites for small businesses with Dreamweaver during my freshman year in college, and today am leveraging the latest web technologies to build a custom shopping delivery application.

Why Upstart

Right now, I work 40-60 hours a week on Genius Delivery outside of my full-time job at Amazon. With the money I raise, I'd like to quit my job at Amazon, so I can focus 100% of my time on Genius.

With Genius, I'd like to revolutionize the way people shop. Genius, currently available at, is like Google Street View; combined with the eBay-darling Milo; combined with a specialized, more efficient, and much less expensive version of TaskRabbit. Focusing 100% of my time on Genius, as opposed to just nights and weekends, would give me the much-needed time to do things like set up meetings during the day, meet with customers, test different facets of the business model (including hypotheses on how Genius should scale) and pivot accordingly, and spend more time building the applications.